BCPrinceton's "THE GIVING CHAIN" and the D2R application

Get Involved(And make an impact)


Learn about The Giving Chain and the D2R application. Ask yourself  how it could help YOUR community. Visit our Project Day page project-day to see how it works.


Come help enact a Social Change and help support The Giving Chain Project.  Several ways to get involved ...


Our team consists of Blockchain specialist  who will work with you to design blockchain prototypes.

Big Apps

See our submission to the BIG APPS BLOCKCHAIN CHALLENGE Thank you NY and Second Muse!

WhatWe Love To Do

Blockchain Technology can reshape the way we help people. With a decentralized Giving model, no longer are there barriers to technology, a simple cellphone is all that is needed to on board to the Blockchain. 

Blockchain Meetups
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  • Solve Big problems with new Technology


BCPrinceton has been promoting blockchain education. We want to extend our knowledge  to ideate and prototype solutions for the world’s most pressing problems. Let’s Build something .