Blockchain Princeton’s Summer Project

Blockchain Princeton…. The Challenge.

Develop an agile & transparent network for connecting surplus foods & supplies to communities in need.


Scope of the Problem

For our summer project, we are limiting the POC to a small number of local farmers with excess food supplies,  limiting the pickup dates  (two pick up dates in August ) to be picked up by transportation volunteers who will transport food supplies to agreed upon drop off point 

Blockchain Princeton is comprised of a diverse group of area Blockchain Enthusiasts who want to leverage this new technology for Social Good.

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  • Product Development Group
  • Business Development Group

Meet the Team

  • Business Development Group

Bobbi Muscara

Business Administrator

Chairperson of the Hyperledger Learning Materials Development Working Group Recently edited the Linux Foundation EdX course, “Introduction to Business Blockchain” LFs171s Go Live 7/16/2019.

Ledger Academy, Business executive, Director of Education. A blockchain training Center  at Tiger Labs in Princeton, NJ whose mission is to consult and train enterprises on Blockchain Technologies.

Education: Undergraduate degrees,  BS in Computer and Decision Science, and  BS in Management and Organizational  Behaviors.  In 2002 she received a Masters in Business Education. She holds a NJ Teaching Certification in Business

Co- organizer for the Hyperledger Princeton Meetup, Princeton Blockchain Meetup  and Ledger Academy’s Blockchain Fundamentals Meetup  Currently managing the Princeton Summer Blockchain Project.


Scott Schneider

Product Management, Marketing, Documentation and Content

Tinton Falls, NJ 07724

[email protected]

Scott is a seasoned high performing and passionate Product Marketing Management Professional with multi-industry experience. Scott has an eye on helping customers solve their business needs. A strong track record of successfully launching products and services, combined with an MBA, Six Sigma certification and working in the Blockchain Technology space, Scott always takes a lead role in understanding customer problems and working on solutions.



Jennifer Yuan

20 years experience in software development. Passionate about learning. Chinese brush painting and calligraphy artist.

Suyog R. Navarkar

Human with a technological and entrepreneurial background, who ideates and develops a product. Passionate about learning new technologies and understanding their real-world application. Blockchain Engineering, Microservices Application, and OSS collaboration FTW!     

Ron Keegan

Ron has 30+ years of experience as a strategic, results-oriented supply chain professional with high-level business vision and P&L operating experience leading a global business.  He has a track record of success aligning supply chain and IT initiatives with primary business objectives to create efficiencies and cost reductions.  He is effective in a team environment, with broad knowledge of key business processes including procurement, manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, import, export and customer service.


Keegan began his career in R&D working for Mobil, then moved into supply chain positions for Rhodia and Rhone-Poulenc.  He worked for Engelhard, CLX, Arkema and Marcal as Sr. Director for their respective supply chains.  He later moved into the pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals segments working for Ranbaxy, Sun Pharma, and Thermo Fisher, before starting Keegan Consulting, a boutique consulting company targeted to the unique needs of small to mid-sized companies.


Ron is now applying blockchain to the food and pharmaceutical chain with a focus on product provenance and cold supply chain.  He is also supporting the Blockchain Princeton project, helping to architect the supply chain for charitable food distribution to families in Mercer, Somerset and Middlesex counties.  The team is based at TigerLabs in Princeton, NJ.


  • Product Development Group


Thomas Philip


 Experienced Lead Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. Skilled in Architecture such as Relational Database, Bigdata, Nosql etc. Certified in Project Management in Agile
engineering professional with
a MSC focused in Computer

Padmanabha Prabhu


Father, Husband and son – passionate about learning, teaching and making an impact on society through sharing knowledge and anything shareable. Techno functional architect energized by a passion for transformative technology and in leveraging Blockchain as a tool for disintermediation and delivering greater good in the world.

In professional life: A Blockchain Architect, Digital Transformation lead, IT to Business aligner and a Customer advocate helping stakeholders re-imagine transformative tech of Cognitive, RPA and Blockchain.


Gary Teekah

Cell: 732.690.1495

Founder & Principal Consultant of Op-X Consulting Services, Inc.
Gary leverages his extensive experience in software engineering and management to help the C-Level suite manage their IT programs and execute their IT product roadmap strategy. He has performed in many roles: business systems analyst, software engineer, solutions architect, technical lead, program/product manager, PMO Lead, and served in various senior management roles related to application development and delivery. He has managed in-house IT departments, provided IT consulting services to external clients, and collaborated with all layers of management teams in delivering IT services to organizations.
At the end of his workday, he enjoys night runs, bicycling, and weight-lifting. He spends his self-improvement time at the keyboard familiarizing himself with emerging technologies to help teams use advanced technologies to solve their business challenges. His current focus is on working with teams exploring Blockchain, Machine Learning, and Data Science technologies.

Colin  Pinto


Colin leverages his extensive experience in engineering and management to help organizations develop innovative products and solutions to efficiently solve business problems.     

His extensive background in software and marketing experience has enabled him to lead and mentor project teams. Talented in analyzing business needs, along with his lateral-thinking ability, he has developed innovative solutions in several technology domains. He has performed in many roles including solution architect, system design, planning, and implementation, etc. Skilled in implementing and leading complex and high profile projects and initiatives, he’s been involved in major projects, programs from initial planning through execution & delivery. He has demonstrated expertise in providing product development and management to global, private and public organizations.   

Hemal Panji

Technology professional with 20+ years of experience within the financial and telecommunication world with focus on availability and reliability.

Hemal has led diverse team in SRE, database administration and IT DevOps-CI/CD pipeline – Development that drive growth and efficiencies and has completed Executive Education in Blockchain Technologies from MIT Sloan School of Management. Currently leveraging his expertise in various blockchain initiatives.

Hemal is Passionate about music and plays guitar regularly.  




James Bushong

James, a professional with high-level business vision.


Creating opportunities and start-ups to help preserve and support the human value and purpose in business and culture 


Cydel Micah Giraudel


Rutgers Undergraduate
Cell Biology & Neuroscience

Cydel is a Rutgers student currently pursuing a degree in Cell Biology & Neuroscience. He sees tremendous opportunity to learn how blockchain can be used in modern day healthcare solutions and thrives on opportunities to intertwine his passion of business and medicine. Having a solid background in science, he believes familiarizing himself with blockchain solutions will help him in his pursuit of knowledge as he nears the end of his college career and strives to make an impact in the healthcare industry.



Lindsley Medlin

Founder, NJ Blockchain Center


Lindsley Medlin is an international executive with more than 30 years of experience building and running businesses. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and an MBA in Marketing, both from Rutgers University, as well as a Graduate Marketing Certificate from the SMU Cox School of Business in Dallas, Texas.  Additionally, he is a Certified Blockchain Professional™ and is the Founder of the NJ Blockchain Center.  Mr. Medlin is a published author, speaker, and consultant.



  • Laxman Molugu
    SAP Process Integration SME at Team CSC (Army LMP Support)

Richard Yuan

Leadership Role ALYUS


Greater Princeton, NJ