White Paper

Princeton Blockchain Group 
 The Giving Chain (the D2RA app)

Purpose of this paper:

To discuss the framework of developing a simple, agile & transparent system to connect a network of local surplus food suppliers (donors) to local communities in need (recipients) connected by a volunteer local transportation group (drivers).

The initial scope will be limited to a small number of local farmers (donors) with excess food to be picked up by transportation volunteers (drivers) who will transport food to an agreed upon drop off point for people in need (recipients).

The Giving Chain 

R2DA recipient to Donor Application


Create a simple system utilizing the Hyperledger Sawtooth platform to seamlessly connect Donors to Recipients via Drivers:  The Giving Chain, (Donor to Recipient App, D2RA  system

Initial Scope:

Food from local farmers to local individuals  in need

Future Scope:

To have a sustainable charity giving system ( The Giving Chain ) supported by a decentralized blockchain application ( Donor to recipient App : D2R2) that will seamlessly deliver goods to local community members in need.  To have a transfer system for Food, Clothing, Blankets, Toiletry Items, Paper Products, etc. donated by Farmers, Community Centers , Churches, Schools, Individuals,  etc. to be delivered to a wide range of recipients including Food Banks, Houses of Worship, Social Services Offices, Individuals (off the grid), to be transported by a network of reliable volunteer drivers.

Intended Audience:

People interested in making a social impact in our community by volunteering to connect surplus food (in the future other items) to people in need.